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Sovrn (old VigLink) - Is It Any Good To Monetize Your Blog Automatically Or Is It Just A Scam?

Sovrn (old VigLink) is an affiliate network that connects merchandisers and publishers. However, unlike usual affiliate programs and networks, this platform removes the daunting task of putting affiliate links one by one. You just need to install their code and you can start monetizing your website. But, as easy as it sounds, there are certain things you need to know first… and that I will gladly share in this honest Sovrn (old VigLink) review.


  • Founded in: 2014

  • Supported model: CPM

  • Payment method: Paypal, Wire transfer, ACH, Check and eCheck

  • Payment terms: Net-45

  • Minimum payment threshold: $25

  • Supported language: English

  • Reporting: Real-time dashboard

  • Minimum traffic: None

  • Website:

  • Independent sites: 50K+

  • Daily active consumers: 250M+

  • Annual consumer purchase: $1B+

  • Overall Rating: 8/10

  • Recommended: Yes


Sovrn (pronounced Sovereign) holding was founded in 2014, before that it was known by the names Federated Media and Lijit. LLN Media purchased it from Federated Media and started the programmatic advertising branch. Just a few months after launch, Sovrn was ranked the 4th largest network in the advertising industry by Quantcast.

The company offers tools, technologies, and services to help publishers earn more from their ad inventories. Sovrn is certified by IAB, TAG, and JICWEBS. 

Here are some products and services offered by Sovrn:

//Commerce Convert

//Commerce Convert works in the background to transform ordinary product links into monetized links, earning you revenue from a resulting click or sale.

Works with Google AMP.

Earn more, do less

Earn more, do less. Turn on Optimize to reroute your existing product links to the same product at the highest-paying retailer available.

Connect to your favorite brand

Connect to your favorite brand at top rates. Joining our publisher network automatically connects you to over 70,000 merchants and our industry-leading commission rates.

Copy and Paste

Simple and reliable revenue. Copy and paste a snippet of code, and start to earn immediate revenue from your existing product links.

//Commerce Anywhere

With //Commerce Anywhere, meet your audience where they are. Create and post revenue-generating links on any of your favorite social networks with one simple click.

Simple to use

Created in your dashboard with one click, Anywhere links work seamlessly across third-party platforms, no javascript required.

Maximize your earnings

Maximize your earnings. No matter where you share Anywhere links, enabling Optimize ensures that they’re being directed to the highest-paying retailers.

Monetize straight from your browser

Their Chrome extension turns any product page into a monetized link that earns you a commission on a click or sale. See which of our 70,000+ affiliate merchants pay the highest commission rate, along with available coupons and other retailers. Automatically shorten and copy the link, then share it across websites, social networks, and even emails.

How to get Started

To get started with Sovrn (old Viglink), visit the website and sign up as a publisher. Sovrn has an internal auditing process, where it checks the publisher’s website for content type, traffic, and audience demographics.

Once approved by Sovrn, you can move to the onboarding steps.

Publishers will be asked about their properties (websites and apps) to be added for the Sovrn services. The next step is to add Sovrn code to the website, in order to access the dashboard and analytics. After this, you can create ad units and place them on the website.

In the case of header bidding, publisher, with the help of ad operations, integrates the wrapper to the site and add demand partners. Header bidding onboarding is time-consuming as it requires precise campaign setup for which publishers are offered, dedicated account managers.

After the successful activation, ads start appearing almost instantaneously.

Is Sovrn (old Viglink) a Scam?

Definitely, not!

Sovern (old Viglink) is 100% legit. In fact, it’s one of the most trusted networks of affiliate marketers and bloggers all over the world. Imagine how much legwork it has taken off, right? But, like other programs, it has a few weaknesses, too, therefore, you should not consider it as a flawless solution when it comes to monetizing your website.

For one, it automatically adds affiliate links to any keyword it thinks is relevant so if you’re already into affiliate marketing, there’s a chance that your previous affiliate links will be overridden. Also, the links might not be placed on the right location and this might cause a minor problem in the future. For example, a visitor of your website clicked on a certain keyword and then it leads him/her to a wrong affiliate program. This might create a trust issue as the reader might not click on any of your affiliate links assuming that he/she will be taken to a wrong website again.

Who would use Sovrn (old Viglink)?

I recommend Sovrn (old VigLink) for website owners, affiliate marketers, and bloggers, especially for beginners. Sovrn is easy to use and it will take off the legwork of putting affiliate links to your website. If you’re still new with blogging or affiliate marketing, this will allow you to focus on your content, traffic, SEO, and other important matters while giving you a chance to earn at the same time.

But like what I’ve mentioned, hard work and consistency are  important.

Final Opinion on Sovrn (old Viglink)

Overall, I like the concept of Sovrn (old VigLink) when it comes to automatically placing links into the website. It’s like a dream come true for most marketers who don’t find copying and pasting affiliate links one by one interesting. In addition, it’s legit and you can see various positive feedbacks from the real users of this network.

But then again, it’s not as easy as it sounds. You will need to work so you can earn using Sovrn. That means creating high-quality, lucrative content consistently. But that’s how making money or creating wealth works. You cannot just have a massive amount of cash overnight and basically, any program that promises you this is a lie.

Good luck.

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